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Partnership / Ownership

The Thrill of Thoroughbred Ownership

Donnybrook Stables provides all the thrills of thoroughbred ownership through an affordable investment that offers a ton of "bang for your buck". Horse racing partnerships have long been the avenue to bring the "average fan" into the exciting world of ownership. So many horse owners try to describe the feelings and emotions that are exuded when a thoroughbred they own comes bounding down the stretch and crosses the finish line in front. We can tell you that there is no true way to describe the adrenaline rush in words ... you just have to experience it yourself. You can with Donnybrook Stables.

Why a Partnership?

Owning a thoroughbred in partnership minimizes the up-front investment and the ongoing expenses for the training and upkeep of the horse. Even though you are a "part-owner", you do not just share in "part" of the experience. A partner in Donnybrook Stables enjoys all the same luxuries that a sole-owner would.

A partnership also gives you the unique opportunity to experience horse ownership with a group of people just like you. The amount of fun you have is multiplied by many when you are in the grandstand with a dozen other partners just like yourself, waiting for your horse to be saddled and step foot on the racetrack.

Partnerships are a great way to learn about the process and the business-side of owning a thoroughbred, while trusting an experienced management team to handle the day-to-day operations. Jumping into ownership without any prior knowledge can be a risky equation, so why not let Donnybrook Stables show you the ropes? Contact Us today to start the journey.

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