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General Manager

Picture of Tony Fischbach

Tony Fischbach is the Founder and General Manager of Donnybrook Stables and its partnerships. Founded in 1999, Donnybrook Stables began as a one-horse-stable with one goal in bring new thoroughbred owners into the great sport of horse racing. The initial partnership enjoyed instant success, and Donnybrook Stables has now grown into a nationwide racing partnership.

Unlike many individuals in the sport of horse racing, Tony did not grow up with horses in the family. At a very young age, he found his way to the racetrack. And since he saw the first winner's circle presentation, he knew he needed to find out what ownership was all about.

His vast knowledge of the thoroughbred industry comes from many years of dedicated study and real hands-on situations. These hands-on situations were not enough to fill his dreams, so in 2004, he set out and began training thoroughbreds on a small scale. The experience behind the scenes that he gained during that time taught him "the horse" and all the physical attributes that separate a winner from an also-ran.

Tony now wants to share that experience with you, taking you along on that magic ride to the winner’s circle…not just merely arriving there, but by making you an integral part of the journey.

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